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PCエンジン用アダプター「XHE-3」 image
Update: Writing an emulator to play RATillery on Android, part 12 (英語) image
I decided to port RATillery (written in 8086/8088 assembly) to Android, but without rewriting the game. Hence the project is to create my own 8088 emulator, and I am attempting to do it entirely using Java.

In this sixth edition:
  • Part 12: Let there be sound! (PC speaker emulation)
Update: Writing an emulator to play RATillery on Android, part 11 (英語) image
I decided to port RATillery (written in 8086/8088 assembly) to Android, but without rewriting the game. Hence the project is to create my own 8088 emulator, and I am attempting to do it entirely using Java.

In this fifth edition:
  • Part 11: Being nicer to the CPU (and battery). Where I explain how I stop the game from using 100% of the CPU (or 100% of one core) all the time.
Raphnet adapter manager: Version 2.1.16 now released (英語) image
  • New 3.6.0 firmware for N64/Gamecube to USB adapters (adds Gamecube keyboard support)
  • Add support for GC/N64 to USB adapters v3.6.x
New firmware version (3.5.0) for GC/N64 to USB adapters (英語) image
  • Add gamecube keyboard support
raphnetraw plugin: New versions available for pj64 and mupen64-plus (英語) image
  • Support for adapters running firmware version 3.6.x
Game Boy Camera save RAM photo to PNG (英語) image
Reading the Game Boy Camera save RAM data is possible with a Transfer Pak and my N64 to USB adapter, and to convert this data to standard images I decided to make my own tools. One is a command-line tool for Linux, and the other is a Javascript/HTML5 version which runs locally in a browser.
Raphnet adapter manager: Version 2.1.14 now released (英語) image
  • New firmware for the DB9 to USB adapter (version 2.0.2):
    • Add an SMS mode (alternate product ID and name)
  • New firmware for the Wii accessory to USB adapter (version 2.1.1):
    • Add 8bitdo SF30 support
    • Report the controller type as Guitar instead of Classic controller when a guitar is connected.
    • Set unused/meaningless axes to zero when using a guitar.
  • New firmware for the Classic controller to Gamecube/Wii adapter (version 1.2):
    • Compatibility fix for the 8BitDo SF30 and other similar controllers.
    • Add basic Nunchuk support (Stick, C and Z mapped to Gamecube Stick, B and A)
  • Transfer pak: Add support for reading/writing Gameboy Camera ram
  • Fix a bug where a Gamecube controller to N64 adapter would be detected as an SNES controller to N64 adapter, but only when a Gamecube controller was connected.
  • Display the correct controller type when a Guitar is connected to a Wiimote accessory to USB adapter.
RC2018/09: Conclusion (英語) image
RC2018/09: Conclusion (英語)
This edition of the RetroChallenge is (already!) over. My overall goal was to learn as much as I could about the NDM24 Modem for Super Famicom, and I think I was successful. I now know enough to write my own code to communicate with it. I also know more about what this JRA PAT "game" was and even modified an emulator to let it run as "well" as it does on real hardware: That is to say that in both cases, the game hits the wall of failing to communicate with its server.
RC2018/09: Modem emulation now works and establishes a TCP connection (英語) image
I figured out the missing bits using a logic analyzer and modem emulation finally works! But a the game still needs a server...
Raphnet adapter manager: Version 2.1.12 now released (英語) image
  • New firmware for GC/N64 to USB adapters (Improve force feedback/vibration)
  • Add support for the N64 to GC/Wii adapter version 2
RC2018/09: Let's look inside the NDM24 modem (英語) image
As I wait for a logic analyser to arrive (to figure out why emulation is not working), I look inside the modem to see what else I can learn and notice a debug port I will probably use.
RC2018/09: Modem monologue (英語) image
RC2018/09: Modem monologue (英語)
Modem emulation is half working. JRA PAT sends AT commands, but the answers won't get through yet. I will need to probe the signals on the modem to learn more.
RC2018/09: Flash chip emulation (英語) image
I implemented basic (functional I think, but not accurate in terms of timings) flash memory emulation. JRA PAT now gets to the point where it want to communicate with the modem. Now I can start trying to emulate it.
RC2018/09: My first SNES program (英語) image
I taught myself a bit of SNES programming and created a simple ROM: a controller test supporting the NTT Data Keypad.
RC2018/09: A start at emulation and some new goals (英語) image
This is the second update, where I seriously start working on emulation, but as I also learn that almost everything I intended to find out is already documented, I set some new goals.
RC2018/09: Let's look at the 'game' (英語) image
This is the first update, where I connect the modem and keypad controller to a Super Nintendo (yes, wrong region) to see what this is all about. I also manage to dial into another computer and try making sense of the first (and only) data frame sent by the game.
Raphnet adapter manager: Version 2.1.10 now released (英語) image
  • New firmware for the Megadrive to USB adapter: Now supports the Sega Megamouse
  • New firmware for Saturn to USB adapter: Adds the 3 mappings (SLS, SLS-Alt and VIP) from version 2. (Great for PS3 use)
  • Support for Saturn to USB button mapping selecting (choice stored in the adapter)
My Retro Challenge 2018/09 project (英語) image
My project for this edition: Learn everything I can about the NDM24 modem for Super Famicom:
  • Find out how the modem communicates with the console through a controller port.
  • Learn more about the modem. How fast (or slow) is it? Does it use standard AT commands?
  • Attempt to make everything work in an emulator. (Communication with the modem and modem commands?)
  • Pretend the connection succeeds to see what happens.
  • Attempt to understand the nature of the exchanges between the game and the server.
In other words: I am going to spend several hours working on figuring out how an obscure and (now) mostly useless piece of hardware almost nobody has ever heard of nor cares about works. And I know I'll enjoy it!
Update: Writing an emulator to play RATillery on Android, part 10 (英語) image
I decided to port RATillery (written in 8086/8088 assembly) to Android, but without rewriting the game. Hence the project is to create my own 8088 emulator, and I am attempting to do it entirely using Java.

In this fourth edition:
  • Adapting the UI for touch screen interaction
  • Try the Beta app now!
More coming up, stay tuned.
Update: Writing an emulator to play RATillery on Android, parts 7 to 9 (英語) image
I decided to port RATillery (written in 8086/8088 assembly) to Android, but without rewriting the game. Hence the project is to create my own 8088 emulator, and I am attempting to do it entirely using Java.

In this third edition:
  • Keyboard support
  • In-game bugs
  • Optimisations for faster emulation (12 times faster)
More coming up, stay tuned.
Update: Writing an emulator to play RATillery on Android, parts 5 and 6 (英語) image
I decided to port RATillery (written in 8086/8088 assembly) to Android, but without rewriting the game. Hence the project is to create my own 8088 emulator, and I am attempting to do it entirely using Java.

In this second edition:
  • Tandy 16 color video to Bitmap
  • Implementation errors
  • The title screen works!
Additional sections will be appended to the page in the following weeks.
mobile8088: Writing an emulator to port RATillery to Android (英語) image
I decided to port RATillery (written in 8086/8088 assembly) to Android, but without rewriting the game. Hence the project is to create my own 8088 emulator, and I am attempting to do it entirely using Java.

In this edition:
  • Introduction
  • Android and Java
  • General architecture
  • Implementing the CPU
  • A first image
Additional sections will be appended to the page in the following weeks.
NTT Data Keypad for Super Famicom controller (NDK10) (英語) image
A while ago I bought a pair of unusual Super Famicom controllers that were part of (or for use with) a Super Famicom modem kit. I had a bit of fun figuring out how they work and this page is the result.
Raphnet adapter manager: Version 2.1.6 now released (英語) image
  • Add PSX to USB adapter support
  • Add Saturn to USB v2 adapter support
  • Add DB9 to USB adapter support
  • Support PSX memory card read/write through multitap (port 1)
  • Add firmware update v1.1 for Classic controller to GC/Wii adapter
  • Add firmware update v2.1 for SNES controller to GC/Wii adapter
  • Command-line: Add Gamecube and N64 keyboard poll tests (--gc_pollraw_keyboard and --n64_pollraw_keyboard)
  • Command-line: Add Wii Classic Controller raw poll test --wii_pollraw
  • Command-line: Add Playstation controller raw poll test --psx_pollraw
  • Command-line: Add --si_txrx to send arbitrary byte sequences to a GC/N64 controller/peripheral. (for research)
  • Command-line: Add --n64_crcd and --n64_crca to calculate CRCs (for research)
PSX Memory Card Manager: Updated after 17 years! (英語) image
  • Now also works under Windows (download the .zip)
  • Support titles in Japanese correctly (convert Shift_JIS to Unicode)
  • Now compiles with Qt4 (with the help of Qt3 compatibility classes)
  • Now built using qmake
  • License updated to GPLv3 (License text now also included)
RC2018/04: RainZapper v2 (Now with CGA and VGA support!) (英語) image
Version 2 of the mini-game RainZapper I made for the April 2018 edition of the Retro Challenge is now available. New in this version: CGA and VGA adapter support. Tandy adapters are of course still supported. All these versions are also playable using a mouse, a good (but inferior) alternative to the NES Zapper which requires building an adapter...
raphnetraw plugin: Version 1.0.5 released (英語) image
  • Add protection against invalid commands (Fixes errors when using more than one controller pak)
  • Disabled logging (slight increase in performance)
My Retro Challenge 2018/04 project (英語) image
I guess I should have written about this at the beginning of the month, but better late than never! Here's what I'm doing for RC2018/04:
  • Design an adapter to connect an original NES Zapper to a Tandy 1000 EX PC.
  • Code a Duck Hunt clone and/or an original mini-game if I find inspiration.
  • Use the Tandy-specific 16 color video mode. (It would be a shame not to!)
And if I have enough time:
  • Also support CGA 320x200 video, and test the game on my XT-clone with a CGA card.
  • Experiment a bit to find out if an unmodified Zapper can also work on a VGA monitor.
  • Let the game also be played using a mouse (speed could be accelerated to make aiming more difficult.)
Things are going quite well so far, so I will most likely have time for the sub quests listed above!
New firmware version (3.5.1) for GC/N64 to USB adapters (英語) image
  • Fix never-stopping vibration issues (Dolphin)
Raphnet adapter manager: Version 2.1.5 now released (英語) image
  • Add support for new NES to USB adapters (v2)
  • Add support for Classic controller to Gamecube adapter update (through GC to USB adapter)
  • Finalize PCEngine to USB adapter support (soon to be released)
  • Command-line: Add --gc_getid and --gc_getorigins
New firmware version (3.5.0) for GC/N64 to USB adapters (英語) image
New features and bugfixes:
  • Add a triggers as buttons mode for Gamecube controllers
  • Add a disable analog triggers mode for Gamecube controllers
  • Internal changes to workaround a presumed Windows bug (Joystick ID confusion where the second controller stops working or gives an error in the Game controller test dialog)
  • Implement a feature to let the adapter manager query the feature set of the current firmware.
raphnetraw plugin: Version 1.0.4 released (英語) image
pj64 plugin version 1.0.4 and mupen64plus plugin version 1.0.1:
  • Add support for the upcoming 3.5.x adapter firmware (2-player adapters won't work properly otherwise)
Raphnet adapter manager: Version 2.1.3 now released (英語) image
  • Firmwares are now bundled with the adapter manager
  • Add Wii accessory to USB adapter firmware version v2.1
  • Support for Wii accessory to USB adapter v2.1
  • Firmware update UI improvements:
    • File chooser opens in the directory containing firmwares compatible with the current adapter
    • Firmware file preview: Shows the release date and release notes for the selected file
  • Add missing dfu-programmer.exe (for firmware updates under Windows)
  • Add support for an old adapter (GCN64USB v2.2)
  • Add missing icons for file dialog
Raphnet adapter manager: Version 2.1.0 now released (英語) image
Support for new adapters:
  • Add support for raphnet SNES to USB adapter v2.0 (w/advXarch)
  • Add support for raphnet Dual SNES to USB adapter v2.0 (w/advXarch)
  • Add support for Wii accessory to USB adapters (WUSBMote) v2.0 (w/advXarch)
  • Add a N64 memory card stress test (command-line only)
raphnetraw plugin: Version 1.0.3 released (英語) image
  • Fix ports 1 and 3 special version
  • Another attempt to fix netplay (version 1.0.2 did not work)
New firmware version (v2.1) for the Gamecube to N64 adapter (英語) image
  • Add a new conversion mode for Joystick values: Extended (where Gamecube values are forwarded to the N64 without transformations)
  • Fix erratic button mashing behaviour in Shadows of the empire
  • Set lock bits to protect bootloader from erasure
Adapter manager: Added support for the N64 Transfer Pak (英語) image
Add support for the N64 Transfer Pak:
  • Read ROM from ROM-Only, MBC1, MBC3 and MBC5 cartridges.
  • Read/Write save RAM for MBC1, MBC3 and MBC5 cartridges.
Booterify version 1.3 (英語) image
Booterify version 1.3 (英語)
Disk images now have a standard FAT12 filesystem so besides being bootable, floppies may also contain extra data (.EXE version of the program, documentation, etc...)
GC/N64 controller to USB adapter manager updated (英語) image
GC to N64 adapter management support:
  • Displays the firmware version
  • Displays some configuration parameters (currently read-only)
  • Firmware update functionality
raphnetraw plugin: Version 1.0.1 released (英語) image
Add another special build where two-port adapters act as N64 ports 1 and 3. (This is in the hope that the Densha de GO! controller will then work.)
GC/N64 to USB adapter firmware 3.4.0 released (英語) image
Performance improvement:
  • New IO request for even lower latency when using the raphnetraw plugins.
  • Reduced memory footprint.
raphnetraw plugin: Transfer Pak, N64 mouse and Bio Sensor support confirmed (英語) image
A user tested the Transfer Pak and I was able to test a N64 mouse and the Bio Sensor (for Tetris 64). As I expected, everything already just worked and no changes were required.
raphnetraw plugin v0.9.4 now available (英語) image
Maintenance release:
  • Improved structure and separation for easier maintenance of the code shared between the Project 64 and mupen64plus versions of this plugin.
  • Support for the upcoming 3.4.x adapter firmware (will provide even lower latency/overhead)
Extenmote 2.1.0: NES Classic Edition now supported. (英語) image
My extenmote project which permits the connection of NES, SNES, Gamecube, N64 and other controllers to Wii remotes (by emulating a classic controller) now also works on the NES Classic Edition. But this needs more testing... Please test and report if you can!
Direct N64 controller access plugins for mupen64plus and Project 64 (Experimental) (英語) image
These plugins use the direct controller access feature offered by my N64 to USB adapters (versions 3 and up) to let the emulated game communicate with the controllers directly. As as result, the rumble pak, controller pak (mempak) and potentially other accessories are automatically supported! (Updated: Now for Project 64 too!)
私のプロジェクト、GitHubへ! (英語) image
In the hope that it will make contributing easier (and therefore less rare), I decided to push many of my projects on GitHub. But I will continue to do official releases on this website, and the option of contacting me by email to discuss anything about a project remains.
New DOS game for retro PCs: RATillery (英語) image
RATillery is a simple artillery game inspired by gorillas but written to run even on early PCs. In RATillery, two fireball-throwing rats fight atop stacks of crates in a warehouse. Try the game online, or download it for your old PCs!

Minimum system requirements: 64kb free memory, 64kb free hard drive (or floppy) space, CGA video card.
Adding a component video (YPbPr) output to an SNES console (英語) image
Adding an Y/Pb/Pr (also known as Component video) to some SNES models is possible, and my triple video buffer board is perfect for this project. Visit the page for an example.
PC-Booter (re)creation tool: Booterify (英語) image
A tool to convert 16-bit .EXE et .COM executables to bootable floppy images without DOS. Can recreate the original experience of some old PC booter games or add a nice extra touch to homebrew retro works.
Updated firmware for the 4 NES/SNES controllers to USB adapter project (4nes4snes) (英語) image
New in version 1.5:
  • NES buttons have been reassigned to match SNES buttons. This makes it possible to switch controller type without reconfiguring anything. Works great for RetroPie...
Video Game Memories (英語) image
Video Game Memories (英語)
Mini-reviews and screenshots of PC games I played as a child. Did we play the same games? They are all excellent games I invite you to (re)discover on your retro PCs or using DosBox!
Computa games (英語) image
Computa games (英語)
25 years ago in the course of the 1990-91 school year, as my third grade class visited the computer room for the first time I remember playing Computa games (FR: Jeux de calcul) by André Normandeau. Today, following an interview with the author, I have the pleasure of relating how this educative math game came into existence, and I am delighted to offer an online version.

Do you remember playing it? Try it with your kids, it's fun!
PPUSBCOMM: Added disk image transfer (英語) image
Besides sending files to your retro PC system, PPUSBCOMM can now receive a disk image, writing it directly to a target floppy disk. Similar to ADT (Apple Disk Transfer) targeting Apple II computers, but for PCs. Ideal to recreate system and PC booter games disks.
FacebookでRaphnet-techのニュースを image
Third generation of my GC/N64 controller to USB adapter (英語) image
This new version, based on my Multiuse PCB-X board, beats previous versions in performance and features:
  • USB full speed (12 Mbit/s)
  • Very low latency (approx. 6ms worst case)
  • Configurable controller poll frequency (Maximum 500Hz)
  • Firmware update possible and easy
  • N64 mempak read/write
End of page bonus: Latency explained: What is latency, how it happens, how we can minimize it and a raphnet vs. competition comparative table.
PPUSBCOMM: USB to Parallel port file transfer (英語) image
PPUSBComm is a tool to copy files from a Linux system with USB ports to a system running DOS with a parallel port. I created this tool to send games and software I download to my Tandy 1000 EX.
Multiuse PCB-X : A small multipurpose PCB with an USB micro-controller (英語) image
This USB-specialized circuit board design is inspired from my previous Multiuse Tiny 1 and Multiuse PCB2 projects. This time, since a micro-controller with native USB support is used, it is possible to transfer data at 12 Mbit/s (Full speed) unlike the older designs which, due to the use of a software-only USB implementation (V-USB), were limited to 1.5 Mbit/s (Low speed).
FPGAでCGA→VGA変換(英語) image
I simply wanted to have fun with an old Tandy 1000 EX computer, but the image quality using the NTSC video output was unbearable. The alternative was to use a CGA monitor of course! But as I don't own one, I started looking at how I could build a CGA to VGA adapter, which I was able to build using an FPGA development kit. The project was the perfect excuse to acquire one. See the page for notes, explanations, schematics and source code (at your own risk).
ゲーム機の色 image
DIYのSMS・マークIII用パドルコントロール image
Setting up the stack for SMS games on Megadrive (英語) image
A quick hack I made to improve the compatibility of an SMS to Megadrive cartridge adapter by having an AVR micro-controller drive instructions on the bus before the game runs.
3D印刷 image
セガ・マークIIIゲーム→メガドライブ変換アダプター image
AnodeSNES 「アノディSNES」 image
AnodeSNES 「アノディSNES」
海外版セガ・マスターシステムゲーム→メガドライブ変換アダプター image
メガドライブ(SMD)は、セガ・マスターシステム(SMS)の互換機能があって、シンプルなアダプターでSMSゲームと遊ぶ事ができるのを知っていた。 そのアダプターを作ろうかなと迷っていた。 ゆえに、 私が設計したスーパーファミコンコントローラー→メガドライブ変換アダプターで SMSゲームと遊ぶメガドライブを使って見たお客様曰く未対応だったため、 もう迷わずSMS→SMDアダプターを作る事にした。
スーパーファミコン・コントローラー→PlayStationへ変換アダプター image

  • 任天堂純正スーパーファミコン・コントローラー対応。
  • たくさんサード・パーティのコントローラーも対応。
  • デジタル入力のみのコントローラとして機動する。
  • ボタンの割り当ては二つ。
wusbmote: Update (Version 1.2) (英語) image
New features:
  • Add mouse support (Using Nunchuk or Classic controller)
    • Classic controller mouse scroll using right stick
    • Nunchuck mouse scroll wheel by moving then holding C
  • Configuration now stored in EEPROM. Includes:
    • Serial number
    • Operating mode (Mouse or Joystick)
    • Mouse parameters: Divisor, deadzone, invert wheel.
  • Implement an HID Feature report to set configuration
  • Add a Linux tool to set configuration through USB (Uses hidapi)
  • Change VID/PID
  • Atmega168 now compatible (Use Makefile.atmega168)
  • Code cleanup
NES/SNES/N64/GC controller to Wiimote adapter update (v1.9.5) (英語) image
  • New Gamecube button mapping
  • Triple click on START button now triggers the HOME button (SNES/NES/GC/N64)
  • Prevent a 8 bit overflow from occuring with some cheap controller clones. Fixes the 'joystick left/down direction does not work' problem, but keep in mind the overall quality of the controller won't increase. It will work as badly as it does on a real N64.
  • Fix N64/Gamecube communication timing (note: No effect on 'lag' or lantency)
  • Fix eeprom init bug (Last mapping not saved)
  • Improved controller auto-detection
wusbmote: Small update (Version 1.1) (英語) image
The Wiimote accessory (Nunchuk, Classic controller, etc) has been updated (simple maintenance):
  • Update V-USB and fixes for modern GCC
  • Optimized I2C code
GC/N64 controller to USB version 2.9.1 (英語) image
Minor fixes and improvements:
  • Prevent 8bit overflow from occuring. Helps some cheap 3rd party controllers that have the "Left not working" problem. (Thanks to this fix, those "should never be bought" controllers change from "totally unusable" to "frankly not very good")
  • Fix non-working timeout when waiting for the controller. The adapter now enumerate without controllers as it used to.
トリプル・ビデオ・バッファー image
最近、2つのプロジェクトでビデオ・バッファーが必要だったので、バッファーの基板があればいいなと思った。その為、Texas InstrumentsのTHS7314を用いたシンプルな基板をデザインした。
  • 古いゲーム機やコンピュータなどにコンポジット映像信号出力を追加
  • ゲーム機のRGB出力改造
  • ビデオ配信:たとえば、何台ものテレビに同じ映像を写す事ができる
「APF TV Fun」ゲーム機の修理と変更 image
「APF TV Fun」と言うゲーム機を修理する事を友人に頼まれた。こちらのページに行なった修理と変化を詳しく説明している。
バーチャルボーイ・コントローラー→USB変換アダプター image
苦しい姿勢と頭が痛くならない様に(1)、バーチャルボーイ・エミュを使ってパソコンで赤色ゲームをしようと思ってる? せめて、本物のコントローラーを使った方がいい。それしか相応しくないと思う。

手作り座椅子 image
長く正座したままで炬燵に座るとは、足がだんだん痛くなるので、座椅子が欲しかった。だけど、 カナダでは、特別な輸入品屋さんで高い値段で買えるけど、それ以外座椅子を買う事ができない。その為、自分で作ろうと思ってた。
ゲームキューブ・N64→USB変換アダプター・プロジェックと:ゲームキューブ・キーボード対応になった(ソフトV2.9から) (英語) image
The Gamecube keyboard is now supported and can be used normally under Windows and Linux. Note that I only tested ASCII model ASC-1901P0. This keyboard has a dual-connector cable. The gray connector is for the keyboard function and the purple one for the Joystick function. To use both functionalities simultaneously, two adapters are required. As this is a Japanese style keyboard, there are a few unusual keys and many won't produce the labelled characters unless the PC is configured to use a Japanese Keyboard.
ドリームキャスト・コントローラー→USBのプロジェクト:キーボード対応になった image
  • キーボード対応(HKT-7600とHKT-4000テスト済)
  • レイテンシが短縮された。
  • アダプター・ソフトに搭載した絵をビジュアルメモリの画面に表示される。だが、USBでその絵を変えれない。つまり、エミューレータなどはまだビジュアルメモリの画面を使えない。
ドリームキャストコントローラー→USBのプロジェクト:できた! image
スーパーファミコンコントローラー→メガドライブ変換アダプター:アプデート image
  • メガドライブのボタンの割り当て、新しいの二つ
  • Atari/Commodoreのボタンの割り当て、新しいの一つ
  • Amigaの二番目ボタン対応
  • Atari/Commodoreモード:Auto-fire機能を付けた
  • Auto-fireロック機能も付けた
  • Auto-fire周波数は:30Hz, 25Hz, 20Hz, 16.667Hz, 15Hz, 12.5Hzがある
ドリームキャストコントローラー→USBのプロジェクト:マウス不全対応 (英語) image
This week-end I decided to add support for the Dremcast mouse I had received during the week. But for now, it will only be partially supported (no wheel) due to technical limitations.
ドリームキャストコントローラー→USBのプロジェクト:アプデート(コントローラーから受信とUSB対応ができた) (英語) image
This weekend, I implemented frame reception and USB communication. I now have a working prototype. All that is left is cleaning up the code and drawing a schematic for release.
GC/N64 to USB : New pictures (英語) image
A few pictures to demonstrate how a N64 controller can be converted to USB by installing the circuit within.
ドリームキャストコントローラー→USBのプロジェクト:アプデート(コントローラーへ送信ができた) (英語) image
I began writing the firmware. First step, implement a transmission routine in assembler to achieve a timing identical (or very close) to what is shown on http://mc.pp.se/dc/, but also to what I see on my Dreamcast bus with the scope. Status: Transmission is a success. But looking at the result on a scope is obviously not very useful, so the next step is implementing reception. More fun to come!
スーパーファミコンコントローラー→メガドライブ変換アダプター:アプデート image
  • ボタンの割り当て、2つがある。
  • 有効にするため、MCUのPB1ピンをGNDと接続して下さい。
新しいプロジェクトを始めた:ドリームキャストコントローラー→USB (英語) image
USBTenki 2.1.0 リリース (英語) image
USBTenki 2.1.0 リリース (英語)
  • [Firmwares] Updated V-USB to newer version.
  • Add support for high precision MS5611 pressure sensor.
  • Add support for the MLX90614 infrared temperature sensor.
  • RTD temperature calibration has changed (increased precision).
スーパーファミコンコントローラー→メガドライブ変換アダプター image
もしあなたがメガドライブでゲームする時に スーファミのコントローラーが使いたいなら、 このアダプターがぴったり合っている。

GC to NES v1.1.1 released (英語) image
GC to NES v1.1.1 released (英語)
A new release incorporating minor changes to support the Atmega168 MCU.
ファミコンコントローラ→NESアダプター image

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こんにちは!Raphaël Assénat(アッセナ ラファエル)と申します.今、カナダ のモントリオールと言う町の近くに住んでいます. コンピューターや電子や機械など大好きですので、 色々なプロジェクトをできて、いつもたくさん事を習っています。プロジェクトの考えがありすぎて、 時間が足りなくなってしまってるのに、一般的に、始めたプロジェクトを完了します。

得に好きのは、C言語でソフトを書く事であって、Linux/Unixがとても興味です。一方、Windowsの 事がね。。。強いて言えば、できるだけ、かかり合いたくない。電気も機能があって、自分が考案した電気回路のソフトを書く場合は、私に一番 楽しいになります。

他の興味(趣味)は、(ピアノをちょっと引いてます)。そして、ゲームも(特にRPGの種類)興味が ある為、ゲーム関係があるプロジェクトをやってしまいます。(後は、ゲームで遊ぶ時間が残ってるのかな。。)

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  1. 私の知識を他の人に知ってもらうために。。。
  2. 私を知ってもらうために。。。
  3. 楽しみの一つとして。。。
  4. コンピューターや電子などとても興味があるので、 ウエブサイトを作ることは自然であると思いました。

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