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Raphnet adapter manager: Version 2.1.12 now released image
  • New firmware for GC/N64 to USB adapters (Improve force feedback/vibration)
  • Add support for the N64 to GC/Wii adapter version 2
RC2018/09: Let's look inside the NDM24 modem image
As I wait for a logic analyser to arrive (to figure out why emulation is not working), I look inside the modem to see what else I can learn and notice a debug port I will probably use.
RC2018/09: Modem monologue image
RC2018/09: Modem monologue
September 14, 2018 (Friday)
Modem emulation is half working. JRA PAT sends AT commands, but the answers won't get through yet. I will need to probe the signals on the modem to learn more.
RC2018/09: Flash chip emulation image
RC2018/09: Flash chip emulation
September 13, 2018 (Thursday)
I implemented basic (functional I think, but not accurate in terms of timings) flash memory emulation. JRA PAT now gets to the point where it want to communicate with the modem. Now I can start trying to emulate it.

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About me

Hello, I'm Raphaël Assénat. I live near Montreal, a city located in Quebec province, Canada. I have two big passions in life: Computers and Electronics. Those two disciplines allows me to quench my desire to create things, my curiosity, and my desire to learn. I'm always working on many projects at the same time and I do not have enough time to do all the projects I'd like. But fortunately, once I begin working on a project, I rarely stop before it's finished.

Programming is my main hobby, and I doing it in C and assembly. Preferably on Linux or Unix platforms. I'm not interested at all by windows programming. What I like the most is when I have the chance to work on projects involving both programming and electronics. For instance, writing software to drive external circuitry designed by me, or even better, programming microcontrollers.

Other than computing and programming, I like to read, play piano and relax by playing RPG video games. (And thus many projects on this site are related to video games...)

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Why this site?

  1. For sharing my knowledge with others.
  2. To have a presence on the net (Hey! I got my job thanks to this website).
  3. Being a geek, the idea of creating a personal website seemed to make sense.
  4. For fun!

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