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Now on Kickstarter: A Boxed edition for my DOS game RATillery image
A Kickstarter campaign is in progress for a professionlly printed high quality edition, including a box, a 40 pages manual/making-of, a 3.5" floppy disk containing the game + extras.

The game itself is a new version with many improvements over the free version:
  • VGA 256 color suport (320x200)
  • VGA 16 color support (640x480)
  • AdLib, OPL2LPT and Tandy sound support
  • In-game timer (those who thing too much loose their turn!)
  • Training mode (get better through challenges)
  • A much stronger AI adversary (for playing alone)
Do not miss your chance to own this new high quality physical edition of the game!

Please back the project on Kickstarter.
Famicom network controller HVC-051 image
Famicom network controller HVC-051
April 6, 2019 (Saturday)
Documenting the protocol of the HVC-051 controller for Famicom.
RC2019/03: Project completed! image
RC2019/03: Project completed!
March 31, 2019 (Sunday)
I finished my RetroChallenge projet just in time! I built a cartridge and the ROM version 1.0 is available for download.
RC2019/03: Super Sudoku ROM version 0.3 released image
In this week's update:
  • Part 14: Testing the cartridge PCB: It works!
  • Part 15: Adding sound effects
  • Part 16: ROM Version 0.3 available for download.

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About me

Hello, I'm Raphaël Assénat. I live near Montreal, a city located in Quebec province, Canada. I have two big passions in life: Computers and Electronics. Those two disciplines allows me to quench my desire to create things, my curiosity, and my desire to learn. I'm always working on many projects at the same time and I do not have enough time to do all the projects I'd like. But fortunately, once I begin working on a project, I rarely stop before it's finished.

Programming is my main hobby, and I doing it in C and assembly. Preferably on Linux or Unix platforms. I'm not interested at all by windows programming. What I like the most is when I have the chance to work on projects involving both programming and electronics. For instance, writing software to drive external circuitry designed by me, or even better, programming microcontrollers.

Other than computing and programming, I like to read, play piano and relax by playing RPG video games. (And thus many projects on this site are related to video games...)

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Why this site?

  1. For sharing my knowledge with others.
  2. To have a presence on the net (Hey! I got my job thanks to this website).
  3. Being a geek, the idea of creating a personal website seemed to make sense.
  4. For fun!

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