Hello, I'm Raphaël Assenat. I grew up near Montreal, Canada. I have always had a strong interest for computers and electronics, and over the years, I completed several projects in those fields. I setup this website to share some of them.

What I find most enjoyable is using C and assembly to program embedded systems (micro-controllers) and video games for old consoles and computers. I also love video games from the 80's and 90's, which is why a majority of my projects also have something to do with with games...

I just hope that you will find something useful here, or otherwise worthy of interest. Cheers!


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Raphnet adapter manager: Version 2.1.28 now available image
  • Add Dreamcast to USB adapter firmware v2.0.2:
    • New option to make L/R analog triggers report values of (-32000 to 32000) instead of 0 to 32000.
  • Add Famicom to USB adapter firmware v2.1.0:
    • Add support for the Konami HyperShot.
    • Keyboard is now only supported in Keyboard mode.
Box design for SKBN image
The physical edition of my game SKBN does not include a box at the moment, but I designed a box for customers willing to print one at home.

flat box artwork
SKBN v2.0 (SMS game) image
After about a year of working part time on this project, version 2 is finally ready!
  • Added 100 raphnet levels (mostly very easy)
  • Added more levels by Jacques Duthen, previously unpublished: Sokogen-990702, Sokogen-990917, and Sokogen-991123
  • Updated the title screen
  • Added options and credits screens
  • Add themes: New (V2), Mac and Ksoko. V1 theme still available.
  • Change keys in-game: Button 1 opens the menu, Button 2 undos the last push.
  • Support for point mode (with path finding)
  • Support for the Sports Pad and the Mega Mouse
  • Add background music (can be turned off in the options)
vspcplay version 1.4 released image
  • Add an option to output a Wave file (--waveout)
  • Add options to mute/unmute specific channels (--mute and --unmute command-line options)
  • Add keyboard controls (1-8 to toggle mute, 0 to toggle mute all/none, N/P to play next/previous song, R to restart song, ESC to quit)
  • Fix a bunch of buffer overflows, fix warnings, some code cleanup...

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