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Solder fume extractor

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Contents: The idea | Fan | Duct | Filter

The idea

While reading the make magazine blog, I visited a webpage explaining how someone built a fume extractor: Ultra cheap fume extractor.

I immediately decided to build one too. I built mine a little differently. I did not want to have the fan right in front of me. Too noisy. Instead, I installed the fan in a closet and use a long vinly duct that goes to my desk.

Now the risk of inhaling the fumes directly is greatly reduced. :-)

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I used a squirrel cage fan from a microwave oven. This fan is strong enough to make a ping-pong ball float in the air but without being too noisy. The air comes out of the rectangular opening and enters by the sides.

Since the air enters by both sides, it is not possible to simply connect the duct to the fan. That's why I installed the fan inside a big can. The rectangular opening (air output) passes through the cover and the air enters through an opening on the can.

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I used a 3" diameter vinyl duct, taped to the can using duct tape. The fan is inside a closet so it's really quiet:

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Once the summer is back, I plan to send the air outside a window. Meanwhile, I installed a simple filter. I dont expect it to filter the fumes very much, but at least it will filter dust and who knows, maybe some smoke particules will stick on it.

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