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Contents: Software


Here is a short list of some of my programming projects.

StellarRoads (DOS)
StellarRoads is a 2D scrolling platformer where you can only go forward and survive by skillfully controlling the vessel's speed and jumping right on time!
A tool to convert 16-bit .EXE et .COM executables to bootable floppy images (or PCjr cartridge ROMs) without DOS. Can recreate the original experience of some old PC booter games or add a nice extra touch to homebrew retro works.
Game Boy Camera save RAM photo to PNG
Development of a 8088 to let RATillery run on Android
PSX Memory Card Manager (Linux/Windows, Qt)
Software to read or write data to/from a playstation memory card and manipulate card images.
Tools for the 3rd generation of raphnet GC/N64 to USB adapters
Graphical user interface and command-line tools for configuring, updating and using the third generation of my GC/N64 controller to USB project.
Direct N64 controller access plugins for mupen64plus and Project 64
This plugin uses the direct controller access feature offered by my N64 to USB adapters (versions 3 and up) to let the emulated game communicate with the controllers directly. As as result, the rumble pak, controller pak (mempak) and potentially other accessories are automatically supported!
ATillery is a simple artillery game inspired by gorillas, written to run on early PCs.
PPUSBComm is a tool to copy files from a Linux system with USB ports to a system running DOS with a parallel port.
Setting up the stack for SMS games on Megadrive
A quick hack I made to improve the compatibility of an SMS to Megadrive cartridge adapter by having an AVR micro-controller drive instructions on the bus before the game runs.
Dreamcast to USB project log
I write about the steps, challenges and decisions that led to a functional adapter.
Optimising an AVR interrupt handler for Genesis controller emulation
On this page I write about the path I followed until the response time became acceptable and the adapter reliable.
Raw extenmote N64/GC data (libOGC, Wii)
Explaining the classic controller protocol extension implemented by extenmote for giving access to N64/Gamecube raw analog values, making it possible to use the full resolution of the original controllers.
SDLcam (Linux, SDL 1.2)
A program I wrote to control a Philips USB Webcam with Linux. It has ome simple real time video filters, and can take pictures and video.
Snes APU emulator for playing spc music files. The emulation code is based on Snes9X code. This spc player is differs from other spc players in the fact that it has a visual memory representation updated during playback, ability to view memory content as hex by moving the mouse around, volume bars, pitch dots..
Laserspotcam (Linux, sdl 1.2)
Laserspotcam is a software I wrote to control xmms using a laser pointer by pointing defined areas on a wall.
(lib)MikMod (Linux/Unix, Win32, Mac, DOS)
Music player and library supporting the .MOD, .IT, .XM, .S3M, .MTM, .669, .STM, .ULT, .FAR, .MED, .AMF, .DSM, .IMF, .GDM, .STX et .OKT. Music formats. The previous maintainer lacked the time to work on it, so I began to maintain it my self.
A simple webpage I created to hold patches I wrote for various projects, keep some software which dont have a webpage anymore from disappering completely from the net and hold various simple tools I wrote.
Since 2004
v4l_tools Linux)
Small tool to retreive or configure some parameters of Video4Linux devices.
libstepper Linux)
Small library to control a step motor connected to the parallel port from Linux.
Misc programs
Very small and simple programs I wrote.

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