Misc programs

ttest.asm (2016)

The tool in action

The tool in action

This is a simple tool to test the mouse pointer functionality in various text mode under dos.

When executed, the tool consecutively tests the following modes: 40x25, 80x25, 80x50 (VGA) and also tries VESA 10Bh (132x50) and 10Ch (132x60). Just press ENTER to continue to the next mode.

The pointer XY values as returned by int33h/AX=0003h are displayed in hex.

ModeCursor zone
40x25640 x 200
80x25640 x 200
80x50640 x 400
I was not able to test 132 columns modes to see if the cursor coordinates would exceed 640 because my DOS machine does not support those modes and the cursor did not appear in DosBox. Tests were made using two different mouse drivers: cutemouse and MOUSE.EXE from a logitech mouseware 7.1 disk.

Here is the source code to compile with nasm: ttest.asm
Here is a pre-compiled version: ttest.com

Points (2002)

Usage: Using the mouse, you place a few points in the window. Next, you right click to apply the algo.

	for each pixel {
		find the color of the nearest point;
		apply this color to the current pixel;
Screen shot:
Sources and binaries:
points.tar.gz (105k), Linux/Windows®

SNES Rom info (2002)

Since I was unable to find a tool to extract information from snes roms that worked with Linux and I could not find the source code of any similar tool that I could have ported, I wrote my own.

This tool can extract the title, country, license and other info of one or many snes roms.

[raph@fantasy rom_backups]$ snesrom_info Donkey_kong_1.smc Donkey_kong_2.fig
Filename: Donkey_kong_1.smc
Type: ROM and Save RAM
Country: Australia, Europe, Oceania and Asia
License: Nintendo
Filename: Donkey_kong_2.fig
Title: Donkey Kong Country 2
Type: ROM and Save RAM
Country: USA
License: Nintendo

There is also a list mode. To use it, use the -l argument.

[raph@fantasy rom_backups]$ snesrom_info -l * > list_mode.txt

It is also possible to output in html format using the -h argument.
[raph@fantasy rom_backups]$ snesrom_info -lh * > list_mode.html
[raph@fantasy rom_backups]$ snesrom_info -h Donkey_kong_1.smc \
> Donkey_kong_2.fig > hmtl_mode.html
Here are example of generated html: list_mode.html et html_mode.html.

Unlike the others who have coded similar tools, I am kind enough to give the source code.
snesrom_info-0.6-src.tar.gz Latest source, in tar.gz format
snesrom_info-0.6-src.zip Latest source, in .zip format
snesrom_info-0.6-dos.zip Binaries for Dos/WIN95/98/ME/NT/XP (compiled with DJGPP)