Pictures of various electronic projects


Since I dont have enough time to make a page for each of my electronic projects, I decided to post pictures of them on this page.


  • Philips style parallel port i2c interface
  • This interface allows a PC to communicate with I2C slaves. I used this interface to control a Volume chip, and with LM92 temperature sensors.

    The I2C bus is used a lot in electronic devices, and probably in your PC too.

    Want to build one? Here is the info: lpt-i2c.txt

  • Nintendo 64 controller for PC
  • This interface allows one to use a nintendo 64 controller on a PC. It's complexity is due to the fact that the N64 uses a fast communication protocol. We need to memorize the bits received from the controller and to read them more slowly with the parallel port. For schematics and more information visit this page:

    If you would like a prebuilt interface, there are USB versions availabile on some sites:

  • PC link adapter for TI calculators
  • The TI graphical calculators TI82 and TI83 were quite popular at school. I had a TI83, and I wanted to buy an adapter to make it communicate with a PC. The adapter sold by TI was too expensive, so I searched the net for a better solution. I found the schematic and built my own adapter.

    If you're interested, I suggest that you visit the following site. It has everything you need, from schematics to software.

  • Other adapters
  • Sega controller on PC parallel port adapter on the left, and a variation of the adapter for Snes Controllers on a PC.

  • Others
  • From left to right, a circuit to modulate lights from music (schematic), a hand made electric motor and a PC infrared receiver.