Iso track 2 character table isotrack2.html Track format of magstripe cards.
Triple Triad Rule Manipulation Mini-Guide. final_fantasy_viii_na_card_rule_manipulation.txt Rules of the card game in FFVIII
Snes game cartridge information Sneskart.txt Snes info
Parallel port registers and pinouts parallel_port.html Some info on the PC parallel port
irman/UIR protocol irman_protocol.txt Communication protocol used between irman/UIR infrared receiver and a PC
Various RS232 pinouts rs232-pinouts.html Pinouts of rs232 ports
AVR ISP pinouts avr_isp_pinouts.html AVR In-System programming header pinout.
ViewMeter pinout viewmeter.php (html) Study of a circuit board I found.
Radio frequencies freq.txt Fun when playing with a radio scanner
Information on computer power connectors computer_power_supplies.txt Useful
Tips and tricks about shift registers shift.txt A very good tutorial on how to smartly use shift registers.
How to communicate with a Genesis Multi-tap. genesis_multitap.txt This document explains how the Sega multi-tap for the Genesis console communicates at the hardware level.