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Friend sites

NameDescription and link
The website of a friend who develops flash games. Try his games, they are fun!

Visit: http://www.tekorobo.com
I have a friend that is very talented at drawing, have a look!

Visit: http://www.sionart.com/
Healthy treats, snacks, pure juices or cold drinks, chic-café offers various types of vending machines with a wide selection of products. Operating in the Montreal area.

Visit: http://www.chic-cafe.ca/en/

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Interesting sites

NameDescription and link
This website offers comic strips 3 times a week.

Warning: this comic occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors).

Visit: http://www.xkcd.com
Hack a day
Hack a day: Fresh hacks everyday.

Visit: http://www.hackaday.com
A huge archive of SNES Music in spc format.

Visit: http://www.snesmusic.org
Homepage of one of the .gsf music format creator and designer of the interface to connect an Snes APU to a PC parallel port.

Visit: http://www.caitsith2.com

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This site mentionned in other sites

Many times on Makezine:
HOW TO - Make a homebuilt anemometer
NES hacks, tweaks, mods and more...
Modding a NES to run Unisystem VS arcade games
DIY Projection clock
HOW TO - reprogrammable genesis cartridges
DIY Solder fume extractor
Projects with a webcam
HOW TO use an AdLib sound card on a parallel port
Computer control with a laser pointer, a webcam, and a wall...
Dreamcast VGA hack...

On digg.com:
Lots of NES mods

On slashdot:
SNES Audio Unit As Stand-Alone Player

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The Linux Kernel Archives The place to get the latest Linux kernels and much more.
A very good french online dictionary
Merriam-Webster Online. A very good online english dictionary.

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