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Modding a NES to run Unisystem VS arcade games (12/14)

Combining the roms

Unisystem VS games roms come in separate files, just as the EPROMs on a real motherboard. Since I use only one EPROM, I must combine all the rom files in a single one. It's easy, but the files must be combined in the right order.

If you look at the Unisystem VS schematic, you will see that the roms are mapped in memory like this: This means that they must be combined in the order D,C,B,A. Here is how I do it under Linux:
# cat mds-sm4.1d > mds-sm4.bin
# cat mds-sm4.1c >> mds-sm4.bin
# cat mds-sm4.1b >> mds-sm4.bin
# cat mds-sm4.1a >> mds-sm4.bin

The same concept applies to the PPU roms: 2B comes first, then 2A.

NOTE: Dont bother asking me for the ROMS or where to get them, I wont reply.

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