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Modding a NES to run Unisystem VS arcade games (2/14)

Differences between the NES and the Unisystem VS

If you'd like to compare the two systems by yourself, here are the schematics:
unisystem schematic thumbnail Unisystem VS schematic
nes cpu thumbnail nes input circuits thumbnail NES CPU, PPU, Memory and cartridge connector.
NES input circuitry (controllers) schematic.

The Unisystem VS arcade motherboard is like two NES on the same board, without cartridges (the roms are on-board).

A few things the NES and Unisystem have in common:
A few differences:
The NES system architecture is quite flexible. The cartridge can have additional components to allow the use of bigger ROMS or additional memory, depending on the game requirements.

This is not possible on an Unisystem VS since the roms are installed directly on-board. The games must use the ressources available on-board. Here's what's available:

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