Dreamcast VGA mod

The idea

The image on a TV is always a little too blurry for my taste, and the quality of a VGA image is very superior.
I had always dreamed to be able to use my SNES on a PC monitor, but the SNES did not have a VGA output. When I learned that the Dreamcast could output a VGA signal, I installed a VGA connector on it almost instantly.

How it works

Simple. The dreamcast can output VGA from it's A/V output it the rigth pin is connected to ground. This is usually done by a VGA box.

I found the pinout of the A/V connector and a schematic for a VGA box. Instead of building the circuit in an external box, I decided to build it inside the dreamcast.

Parts needed:

  • VGA Connector (High Density DB15, Male)
  • 74HCT244
  • Wires

Here is the schematic:

I got it on this site: http://www.gamesx.com/avpinouts/dricas.htm

More info:
I have been asked a few times one which side should the negative pin of the capacitors go. They must be on the VGA connector side. The same rule apply for the S-Video output.

I used 1N4148 diodes.


Here are a few pictures of my VGA Dreamcast.

Sonic on a VGA screen. The details are very sharp on this monitor. I installed the connector on the side of the console. The switch selects between VGA and NTSC sync frequencies.

An SNES emulator for dreamcast. It is not very fast yet. This is the place where I soldered the wires. If you do this, I hope it's not the first time you use a soldering iron...


I cannot be held responsible for any damages that could occur to you or your equipment while following the procedures present on this page. Also, I GIVE ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY on the correctness and usability of the informations on this page. Please note, however, that the procedures above have worked in my case without any damages or problems.

Now you cannot say that I did not warn you :)